Thursday, November 10, 2005

Sweet Keara

OK I didn't get back...get over it! I LOVE my sweet Keara. This morning she was using her Cheerios to create pictures while she ate. (She got such a good likeness to Jay hehehe) When she was leaving for school we were discussing Veteran's Day. How do you explain this to a seven year old? So I said it's a day for people that have served their country, such as going to war and such. So she looks back and says "Mom, I don't want to go to war, I want to be a Cheerios artist when I grow up." AAAWWWWWW

Another sweet Keara story....
She woke up this morning and told us about her dream last night. I knew she had a bad dream because my bed was invaded at midnight. Anyway, she tells me that she dreamt about a tornado. she said it was coming at her and I walked right over to the tornado and grabbed it. Then I tied it up and threw it away. How SWEET is that?!? She thinks I can always protect her. I fell all mushy just typing it out. LOVE MY SWEET KEARA!

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