Sunday, November 13, 2005

Kai's Story

Written acouple of days after his birth...

His story actually starts on the 30th of July. I started to notice that Kai was not moving around that much, being previously very active, I was slightly concerned but he still passed the kick count test. On Mon. he was basically the same and I just kept watch. Then Tues. we had our appt. with the NST. He was definitely off. He usually kicked the entire time but he wouldn’t move at all this time. The Dr. buzzed him and he did move then but still not usual. He had one decel so they sent us to the hospital for the Stress Test. I got my ctx going every five minutes and he seemed to tolerate them fine so they sent us home. On Wed. and Thurs. he continued to act lethargic…which is what I had told the Dr. on Tues. Then on Thurs night I started with regular ctx. every 10-12 mins. I debated going over to be checked but decided to shower and try to calm down to see what happened. As it turned out they died down and I went to bed. During these ctx. Kai was pretty active so I never worried there.

On Fri. morning I got up and decided to do the kick count because I had had such a stressful night before. I had coffee, orange juice and a poptart to get Kai going and laid down. In an hour I got only two rolls. I called the dr. and told them I was concerned so they had me come in at 1pm. When I got to the clinic at first they tried to tell me that this was totally normal and I had to bite my tongue or I would have cried…I have heard this so often and yet I also lost a son too, so I didn’t need that. Kwim? They decided to hook up the NST again and at first they didn’t get a heartbeat. My stomach was so queasy. Then we had the hb but he was not moving. They came in and did the buzzer again and this time not only did he not move but he deceled into the 80’s every time. I knew something was really wrong. They quickly rushed us over to the hospital again and hooked up the stress test. I started ctx again and this time he deceled and didn’t rebound good at all. The Dr. wanted to be very sure though so we stayed on the monitor for 2.5 hrs. In the meantime I told my mom to get her booty driving, cuz I was not leaving the hospital, even if they told me to!!

After all the monitoring, the Dr. decided that Kai was struggling….he thought I had uterine placental distress. I told him again that I felt Kai was lethargic and again he said that wasn’t the issue!! He debated on trying vaginal, just because I was so favorable but decided that if Kai was stressed with theses little ctx, how would really big ones do. So they said c-section. I was there in the observation room and all of a sudden everyone descended on me. They kicked Jay and Keara out and within five minutes I was being wheeled to the surgical room. Let me tell you, I was seriously shaking with fear! They wanted to do the general but I said the spinal would be fine! It all happened so quickly from there and felt like a dream. I couldn’t tell when he came out but when I heard him scream, man I cried uncontrollably. Then they started talking about his cord. The dr. said he had never in his career seen five loops around the neck. And once again I had a super long cord….Killian’s was 6ft. now I am convinced that it is genetic and in males for us.

I finally got to see Kai after what seemed forever and amazingly, he scored 8, 9 on apgars. He is such a doll. I won’t go into major detail about the recovery but lets just say, it wasn’t fun. I am allergic to all the narcotics they gave me. If you got this far thanks. We are just so thankful that Kai is alive. Jay was so sweet; he came into recovery to quickly say…"thank you for saving our son."

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