Saturday, November 12, 2005


I know my stories about the kids are humorous (because I am quite witty, did I say that out loud? hmmm) Anyhoo, I also want this to be a journey of sorts for my kids to know me (they probably will die of embarrassment but oh well) I think the best way for me to to that would be to just pick random subjects and discuss how I feel....

So once again, if this kind of eclectic thinking drives ya nuts, then GO AWAY!


Hey, you have to start somewhere and it's on tv, so?? I am a die-hard Niner fan. I grew up in the Bay Area, practiced soccer alongside of my Niners and it grew from there. I don't want any heckling, yes I know the state they have been in for a couple or ten years. They are still my HOME team. But the NFL is no longer my favorite in the football arena. I am a junkie for college ball too. Of course my beloved Auburn...I am biased but damnit we deserved a shot at that #1 last year. It is so awesome living amongst a team. Keara's school last year had Tailgate Day, with Carnell, and Ronnie and Jason Campbell all in attendance. How many kids 5 and 6 years old get to experience this? I mean Keara sitting on Jason Campbell's lap and pictures with "Cadillac" and Ronnie. How cool is that? This year the cheerleaders will come to her school a lot of Fridays and open the doors for the kids in the car line. I mean Keara wears her little cheer outfit and is in heaven. COOL. Anyway, back to my love of football. I can watch and NOT embarrass my husband which has been a HUGE bonus in our marriage. I can actually discuss previously played games without sounding like a moron. I don't argue or fight for the tv during football season (most weekends you will see me watching while he is off at work). My cousin played in college and I listened over the internet while I cleaned on Saturdays. Hell I almost went into labor at his HS playoff game, you are not going to see me quiet and seated at a football game. I can't remember ever missing the Superbowl. We always had these huge parties with our family (yes back then, I was normally cheering on my Niners) In fact one year they had to play at Stanford and we were out with the revilers cruising the streets after the Niners won. I can still see my grandfather's face tending bar and shouting madly at the little ones to "knock it off or take it outside" when they were being overly obnoxious for his taste. (that did not take much, however, I don't remember it with a sadness because that WAS Papa) I remember the beer, wine and food flowing freely. The atmosphere was friendly and hostile at the same time (we always had that guy who was rooting for the other team...he was relegated to the back or other room with the smaller tv...haha) We even had a tv stationed in the bathroom in case there was a urgent need to leave the could not miss ANY part of the game. We played football in the yard at halftime, and I WASN'T a cheerleader! I played soccer for 13 years and each year my coach had us practice football as well. I LOVE FOOTBALL!

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