Thursday, November 17, 2005

Puff Piece

Do all kids like cheese puffs? Or as Kai says "cheese puffesses". Seriously there are certain foods that must just be universal "SHUT THE KIDS UP, FOODS." I am convinced of this. Example: have you ever seen a child refuse Pringles, fries, school pizza, or ice cream? I mean these are the wondrous foods that if you dangle them in front of any child, they will become mesmerized into a stupor. This is the perfect time for you to go potty by yourself, I tell ya! And yes there are some strange kids out there that won't fall for it but the majority will, so hey go for it! And the great part is that mostly you can feel ok about not just giving them candy (which is not against the law BTW) and really adding some kind of that damn pyramid into the mix!

I know strange blurb in my usually so deep blog, but every now and then I do have dumb down days!!!

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