Sunday, October 15, 2006

Go home Florida


Sunday, October 08, 2006

2nd, K and PreK

Idiots Rule

Since I am bored...and I like to use...

So, my husband convinced me to join his fantasy league through work. It started out with just an awesome draft, which led to now 4 weeks later, me with the best record. I have gotten into it. I am GOOD at this stuff. I have always loved NFL football anyway. Hell I love all football. Now this thing has grown, Jay doesn't care if anyone else beats him, he cares if I beat him. It is laughable really. I ask for his opinion and it's like playing poker with the best damn straight man around. He can BLUFF. He gave me BAD advice the first week and guess what? I lost. Since then, I ask but I have to translate his help and decipher the meaning. It is quite fun. Others in the league are not as happy that a girl has the best record and actually is trying to do it. I have the power to make GREAT trades because THEY.ARE.SCARED! MUHHHUAUUH. It is FUN!

Saturday, October 07, 2006



OK I feel a little better...NO NOT REALLY. And Tony, WTF is going on in my world? I am so damn depressed. Sports SUCK.

That's all for now.

Friday, October 06, 2006

OK So I have been busy...

I have been in utter chaos since the kids got out of school for the summer. It wasn't at all enjoyable. Keara has become intolerable most days and it is exhausting. So to get back into the real world, not just the humdum of Kearaland, I will blog again.

Keara is making progress in that we now can at least get her into the school without having to drag her in. She is still of the mindset that writing sux. Her teacher is still CLUELESS! We do have a plan in the works. I just hope I survive until it is resolved.

Kai is really doing awesome in school. He is making friends and learning. He is currently trying like the dickens to read. It is so cute watching his face light up with curiosity. I volunteer in his class at least once a week and his classmates all know me now, it's so nice.

Drig is still just plugging along. I swear the potty training is going to kill me. He will stand next to the damn toilet and pee in the floor. WTF? We have his IEP next week and might even try to switch him to a more aggressive school. He is still pretty much unintelligible (gotta spell check that one...really BAD). We have started breathing treatments with him, they think he has some wheezing issues. GAWD I hope it goes away quickly!

Jay is still Jay. What can I say? I love him dearly, just wish sometimes he wasn't such high needs.

Dad had back surgery and is doing well. My mom is going batty, staying home is not her strong suit LOL.

I am really getting FAT. And the thing I don't understand is that I am exercising more now and eating NOTHING. I can't even look in the mirror without feeling totally depressed. I don't really need to be thin per se just not rolling with lard. UGH

OH WELL....I will be back. (maybe even tonight, lol)