Sunday, March 23, 2008

Great Keara news

The kids had a fabulous Easter. The Easter Bunny got them each a bike. (Before you tell me how awful that is for Easter...blah, blah...we didn't do much for Christmas because we knew we wanted this for Easter. It is a much better time of year and we were traveling on Christmas.) So anyway, Keara has never been able to ride without training wheels. This new bike doesn't have any. We took the kids to the school parking lot to ride and it was so wonderful. Keara learned in, I kid you not, 5 minutes how to ride. By the time we were done, she was riding, stopping, braking, saving herself from falling and starting all by herself. We are so proud of her. It was so amazing to watch. Just had to brag!

Friday, March 21, 2008

So now it's a rash...

Keara has developed a rash over her entire body. It is itchy. We tried Benadryl but it didn't work. So I took her in to the Dr. and he says "yeah, she sure does have a rash!" UMM thank you I think I figured that out. I wouldn't even normally take her but with as bad as she was sick, I couldn't chance it. The Dr. does think they are related but nothing to worry about. Now it's just watch and see. Poor girl though, it makes me itch just looking at her. UGH

How many letters in the alphabet?

On Big Brother one of the girls was talking about how there are 27 letters in the alphabet. We found that little bit quite funny. We decided just to prove that.... you know everyone knows that is wrong... we asked Kai how many there were~

Us - "Buddy, how many letters are in the alphabet? You can count if you want."
Kai - "27!"
Us - "Um okay, count it out loud for us."
Kai - "A-1, B-2 .....X-24, Y-25, AND-26, Z-27!"

This is exactly how the girl on BB did it. So I guess there are two out there. I had never heard anyone do that before and I just couldn't believe it but I guess it's pretty common?? Or should I worry about Kai?? LMAO

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Keara the Meteorologist

Keara went with her daddy today on a private tour of the WTVM News/Weather center in Columbus, Ga. Jay knows the General Manager and was able to arrange for the personal look. She got to talk with Meteorologist Bruce Lee for about 45min. He explained all of his weather maps and the basics for forecasting. He let her use his desk, computers, and even the blue screen with the clicker. She was beyond thrilled. We are so proud of her, she asked him some really thoughtful questions about schooling and such. She even got his autograph in one of her weather books. I just wanted to share her exciting day.

Congratulations Jay!

Jason took his PGA certification yesterday. This is something beyond the basic PGA Card. It is specialized in categories of your career. (He may do a couple more along the way) He passed! I'm so proud of him. He studied and accomplished something not many have. He is certified in Golf Operations and of course the Core. Now he can start his work toward a Master Professional. Again, I am so VERY proud of him.

Virus time !

So, Keara has weathered the storm. It has been a long week and a half. She probably lost 10lbs at least. Yesterday was her first day of truly feeling better. Poor thing! Now it is Drig's turn. He started with the fevers Friday. Today I took him in because he complained about his ear and he has been crawling due to calf pain. He has an ear infection. The pain is probably just from the virus but we are watching it. The scary part has been how quickly his fevers rise. He will go from 99 to 102 in like ten minutes. This is usually been when he does seizures in the past, so mama has been kinda freaking out this week. I'm waiting for it to happen and really dread it. Knock on wood, so far, so good. Kai has yet to be struck, so I figure as Drig gets better, Kai will get it. And of course then Jay! So please pray that I can hold up through this! Sorry for not updating sooner, it's been kinda dreary around here.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Where do I begin....

So when last I wrote, Keara had a meltdown. Well we had another one. It was AWFUL! We had all the dr's on the line and were mere minutes from taking her in. I tried something that a wonderfully wise friend suggested but she was too far gone for that. So I used a really tough approach and for some unknown reason, it worked. The next day we got her in to her Ped. She was really thoughtful and offered some great advice. We also got an emergency visit with the dr. in B'ham. It is far but SO worth the drive. This dr. is great and she knows Aspergers...most don't have a lot of experience. She gave us the old med and a new one to curb the rage *in case*. So we now have a plan!! I am literally jumping up and down with joy!

But Keara has gotten sick. She started Sat. night with fever and stomach ache. It has been getting progressively worse. So today I made an appointment. It was no more than 15 minutes later and she gets sick. Umm, we have a problem because it looks like coffee grounds. (Has anyone else heard that this was NOT good, as I?) So I called back and yeah, they need to see her ASAP. So we go in and yes I brought the lovely vomit with me (well duh, I wasn't gonna let him think I just imagined it) He looked at it and immediately started testing her for Appendicitis. Like jump up and down and pressing in certain areas and all that. (BTW this post is gonna be hazy because I am literally typing blindly...I am so tired) So he sends us to the hospital. UGH Have you ever done a CT scan on an autistic kid??? It SUX. First she has to drink this contrast drink. They put it into lemonade so she was sssllllooooowwlly sipping it. Then this stupid MoFo receptionist comes over and says "they should not make her drink that, last week they gave a little girl yogurt instead." UM Thanks A Fucking Lot Bitch! Because now Keara refuses the drink and will only do yogurt. Well no one in the back (ie the people that know what they are doing) know anything about the gd yogurt. In the meantime, Keara is FIXATED on the GD YOGURT> "When are they bringing the yogurt Mama? They said I could have yogurt. Are they lying. I want to talk to Josh, he said he would get me yogurt." This went on for ...I kid you not... 2 hours! So they take us to the holding area and give Keara a bed. The we get the trauma of putting in her IV. OMG at this point I am just so ready to just knock her the hell out and do something. But I find out the only alternative to the drink is through another hole and it ain't gonna be pretty! So we finally get the CT done (and yeah there was more drama but I just cannot type it right now). Guess what she doesn't have?? HAHA The fucking joke was on me. We spent 5 hours in the hospital today and we don't know anything. So tomorrow we call and see where to go from here. GAWD, I am praying that my sweet baby girl feels better tomorrow because I know her mommy cannot do another today! I will let ya know!

Monday, March 03, 2008

cat Vs Fan

This is hilarious

Sunday, March 02, 2008

OK so it wasn't "in a few..."

Keara had the worst meltdown to date. It started with what we thought was defiance. So we responded with a hard line. "Eat what is on your plate or don't", "Do not use that tone with us!" etc. She kept going to the point of actually *plotting* to hurt me. So we had to bring her to the safe spot (ie corner her) and help her calm down. It took 2 FREAKING hours. I kid you not. We were so close to taking her to the hospital. I can't even go into how bad it was. So tomorrow we are getting full force back into the psychiatrist hunt. UGH It is so frustrating. I want so bad for my baby girl to be ok. I want for everything to be happy and sunshine. (I know it's never going to be perfect because such is life but at least close).

I am happy to report that today my little girl was back. She had an awesome day and we talked a good bit about how bad she felt last night. She is such a sweet girl when her brain is letting her. I am starting to feel better too. I went to the Dr. on Thurs. night because it was bad. I ended up leaving with a "potent" antibiotic, some decongestant/allergy pill and the beloved Endal (for those of you that have ever suffered a cough at night, Endal kicks some ASS). I have had a numb head from the meds but at least I am sleeping and feeling somewhat human. Monday night might be FUN. We are supposed to have powerful storms and I hate storms. Hopefully Keara will be ok through this! Wish me luck!


My day was going perfectly fine until...

We were outside playing and I heard Kai start to scream. At first it wasn't really a scary type scream so I just figured he was playing or not hurt bad. Then it turned into that terrifying type. I ran over to see what the boy had done this time and he was hanging from a tree. He was stuck between two large his knee was in between and wedged down deep. So I tried to pull up on him, which only led to more screaming. I propped my leg under him (not very easy for someone that doesn't work out an a regular basis because my leg was actually about three feet off the ground). Then I tried to get Keara to push on the other side to help shimmy him out. None of this worked. So, I called Jay. He didn't answer. UGH I called again and he headed to the house. Kai was getting increasingly upset so I asked Keara to calmly walk next door and see if they could come help. Finally someone came and she says "oh honey don't worry, I have 3 boys!" She was cool and collected (she isn't the neighbor, just taking care of their house). She was also fairly large (as in strong) and simply pulled the tree apart. I couldn't have done it and was very grateful that she saved us! Jay got home and was somewhat incredulous but whatever. Kai has some bruising and we applied ice. I bet he won't do that again, then again we are talking about Kai!

But wait the day got better...more in a few!

Friday Quote of the Day

Padraig : "Mama, my underwear are sucking my butt!"