Wednesday, September 26, 2007

You know you are in the south...


The sign at the Aquarium says "No fishing poles allowed!"

Ya think? DUH

I found this to be absolutely hysterical.
At long last an update...

Keara: She is doing so awesome. I am a little scared to even post this because I might jinx it LOL. We finally broke down and went with Prozac. So NOT what I wanted to do. But we did try five different meds before this and none did it. The last one had her moods pretty good but we couldn't go up with the dose because she literally threw chairs across the room the week we tried. We are just so wanting the anxiety to be less. We had to try this and so far I am so happy we did. It is amazing, Keara, my sweet little girl is here...EVERYDAY, ALL DAY! Seriously, if you understand what we have gone through with her, this is truly the greatest miracle we could hope for. So far her fears have diminished as well. YEAH! She is still doing fabulous in school. She got her progress report and it was 97%, 97%, 98% and 98%. She was disappointed that she didn't get 100%. We tried to explain that it was ALL her grades averaged and these were FANTASTIC scores, but she said she was going to try even harder. LOL Her chorus is going great. Man my kid has a beautiful voice. She is so good. We're just happy she found her niche.

Kai: He is doing well in 1st grade. He lost both of his bottom teeth and it's adorable. He has developed yet another crush. It really is sweet. He is officially reading now too. At first I was a little concerned because he was just memorizing the books, but the last couple of days he has been really reading. He is so proud of himself.

Drig: My little squirt is really smart. I am a little stunned because up until recently, it was really hard to understand him. His speech is getting so much better now. And along with that we are finding that he is quite smart. (we knew he was smart but just not how smart kwim?) Anyway, the other day Keara asked him how many syllables words have in them and he would clap out the word and tell her. He did it totally on his own too. It was crazy. He is nonstop football, basketball and golf. OMG, he acts out the entire thing, even does replays for ya, like the games do. It is pretty funny. I cannot believe my baby will be five in a month! UGH! Where has it gone?

Jay: He is my changed man! I guess everything that we went through was worth it because he is so much better now, of course I do have the control of the money. LOL But we are just having fun again. LOVE IT! He is really supportive of my health issues too. LOVE HIM!

Me: UMMM, I am willing to do anything to have my teeth fixed. And the rest of the damn body as well. It really is quite annoying but I am just not going to think about it right now. I just have to ignore the pain and hope it will GO AWAY! Ok self talk done, I'm good!

*This is a bad football year, how bout two loses for my Tigers and I am 0-3 in fantasy. Yeah, I suck!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

The slurred post...

Ya know when yuou type something about five times and it still looks wrong. Yeah, that's about it. So I finally had some company tonight...that's my excuse for drinkking. Bahha. I know I am wasted. I really didn't want to waste it though, lest here I am. Dude I cannot see the letters. I am erasing everything I write. LOL So we had Will here. Gotta love him. He is such a great guy. Totally doesn't get annoyeds with my kids which if yoou know them, says a lot! I am so trashed...wish I had a reason to do something obnoxious...just donlt ya know. UGH Jay is nodding off over there on the couch, making some strange noises LOL. I cannot tell you how funny it seems right now but I'm sure that tomorrow it will be NOT funny! BAHAHHHA. And I am watching ALabama LOSE! YEAH! I really don't like them. Think I'm gonna have a brownie...sounds good doesn't it? I made these great homemade ones with marshmellows on top....ummmm! Anyway, I'm drunk and shouldn't be here so, see YA!

Friday, September 21, 2007

OMG Drig is the SWEETEST...mostly

Imagine that

Imagine that,

Keara sent an email to her teacher without my knowing ...

Kai was falling from the tree before I could utter the words "be careful"

Keara is going to save the world by becoming a singing meteorologist.

Drig is going to kill his mommy by becoming a motorcycle cop...

Kai will just be Kai

I have another cold and the passing out spells have returned

I actually got through one sentence of this without Drig whining...

I will come back to this blog more than one time a year

OH Who Knows but Imagine that!

Talking to MYSELF

I am about to be insane. That is laughable, if only I hadn't joined those ranks YEARS ago. So, Fridays are my days that SUCK. I should not say that but I CAN NOT HELP MYSELF. Drig is home ALL FREAKING DAY! And it sucks. There sign me up for the worst mom award, hands down I WIN! He whines like a freaking 2 year old and I really think I will be losing my hair one strand at a time today. It will be a S L O W tortuous death to my hair. My eyebrows might even fall. I am SERIOUS. We have since 7:30, already played golf, basketball, football and tried to watch Cars. Now the boy is bored again and is walking around saying "Mama is about to be pissed!" Where he gets such language is beyond me! UGH. I tell you, er myself since I think I write to my own imagination, TODAY WILL SUCK! That's about that!