Thursday, November 03, 2005

Mean Girls

Yesterday was another of those hectic wild days. I thought I would get some rest because Jay was supposed to be off. NO, didn't happen. So instead of a well rested body, I was hyped all day on caffeine trying to keep myself going. Keara had a bad day. Her words, not mine. She didn't seem to get *in trouble* but she said some of the girls she usually plays with didn't want her to play. The thing is we had the same issues with this little girl last year. Keara just can't seem to stay away from her and is so sucked in by the whole thing. I have tried to veer her in a different direction and we're hoping she will go that way today. This little girl isn't even in her classroom this year but they meet up on the playground. Last night she just had such sad eyes, yk? GAWD it just breaks my heart when she is sad. So after we had a complete meltdown over how big her slice of cheesecake was, I brushed her for twenty minutes, while coming up with ideas on how to avoid the conflicts at school. It is truly amazing what a little brushing will do for her. She came up with the idea to bring a tiny one to school and brush her arms when her skin feels weird. Jay is concerned that she will be teased. I think if it makes her FEEL better, then hell, bring it. It is so hard to see your daughter and know that she is different from her peers. She is the most enthusiastic child around but that isn't truly *COOL* so it appears odd. I really don't care what THEY think but you know at some point it will hit the fan and she will care. Right now she can't figure it out in her head. She is such a pleaser and when they get those snotty attitudes she thinks she has done something mean to them. I just keep preaching that same lesson....if they aren't being nice, move on to someone else. When she was upset yesterday, the boy who loves her said that all she needed to do was ask and he would have played with sweet and scary is that? The sad part about this all is that these children have to come upon this behavior from somewhere. They have models that are doing the exact same thing. I know, I've met those women! Keara will be ahead later but in the meantime it is breaking my heart!

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sillypants said...

We went through the same thing with dags, and it was in 1st grade too. And now the girls in J;s class are doing the same thing. Weird. It must be some girl heirarchy( sp?) thing, where for some reason they have to figure out a pecking order.

However, for the most part, the girls have sort of grown out of that behavior ( although I am sure it'll come back eventually). But for now they all play nice. I hope K's girlfriends do the same.

Big hugs. Raising a girl is so different from raising a boy.