Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mr. Joseph is super awesome!!

Shows I Like:

Wonder Pets



Robo Camp rules! I'm happy I joined!!!

I'm 12, and I like Wonder Pets. That makes me a special 12 year old because there's not very many Wonder Pets fans that are 12! Go Wonder Pets, YAY!!!

Wonder Pets Logo

Linny is my favorite character because she's the most like me. =D


My brother Kai likes Tuck, probably because he's a green turtle!!


Padraig, my youngest brother, likes Ming-Ming because she's yellow.


So, I guess me and my brothers are actually kinda like the Wonder Pets!

I couldn't find any Wonder Pets videos. There is seriously no place to watch Wonder Pets on the Internet besides Amazon, which costs money. So, I put an Aladdin video. Enjoy! =D

Go Wonder Pets, YAY!!

Saturday, June 11, 2011


Friend Like Me is an awesome song from Aladdin! Aladdin rocks!

There are many different ways to say "Hello!"

Here are a few!

There are even more ways that I am not going to list, but I hope you enjoyed choosing you favorite!

What is for dinner?