Sunday, November 13, 2005

Keara's Story

Keara was my easiest birth. I have misplaced her story, so excuse the roughness of this account 7 years later....

Keara was a planned induction, given what had happened to Killian. Everything in her pregnancy was smooth. (ok I did have some aches and pains mostly my p. bone...and I did have some preterm labor issues but they resolved pretty easily) We had to be at the hospital at 6am, it was a 1 hr and 20 minute drive to get there, so we were dragging by the time we arrived. They hooked me up to all the monitors and the pitocin at about 7:30. By about 11am I started to get some pretty horrendous contractions. I already decided that this kid was gonna be an epi child so when they checked me at that point and I was 4.5cm, I said "Bring it on!"

They inserted the epi. OH how I fell in LOVE with my epi Dr. I think at that point I even told him so! LOL Anyway, I am the sort that gets paralyzed from the epi from the chest down. I cannot move a muscle. I am also allergic to whatever the narcotic that they use, so I itch intensely. Jay can account for the itching as I was asking him to be the scratcher (and if you know how it feels to itch on the inside, places you cannot reach, you will understand the agony I as well as Jay were in)

I finally reached 6cm at around 3:30-4. But I got stuck. My dr. had an emergency come in and said if I could go faster, he will be delivering but otherwise I had to have the BITCH dr. I had despised (you know the female dr. who simply tells you that you are too fat and need to stop overeating...umm I DID NOT overeat, I gained a lot more with Killian, ugh) So, I was freaking out. I could not think about having this woman in there. Finally my dr. came back and said he had to go, so I was stuck.

At 5ish I figured out that I hadn't been given a cath and that was keeping Keara too high. They came in and inserted one and OMG I have never seen that much pee...Jay was dying! But that was the trick. Keara decided about 10 minutes later to come on down. I went from the 6cm to the 10 in less than 30 minutes. At this point I decided that I wanted my mommy. I didn't know that Jay would tell the bitch dr. to back off if necessary but knew mom would. So she joined Jay and I in the labor room. (I did have to strictly advise that there were to be NO pictures of my hoohaw or boobies while she came out or breast feeding cuz my mom would have totally done that)

It took me a full 3 contractions...with 4 pushes each to get Keara out. At one point they asked me to stop pushing, yeah right, like that is gonna happen NOT. She came out and was not crying, so that worried me a lot. But she was just a quiet thing early on. She whimpered but nothing else. She got great apgars and was perfectly pink before they even cleaned her. I swear to G*d that all the nurses and drs all said she was so gorgeous. I didn't even see any blood on her when she was laid on my belly.

I had some tearing and an episiotomy but everything else was great. We went home and this time when I left I had a beautiful baby girl in my arms. It was the best feeling ever. Keara was perfect and I was so HAPPY.

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