Friday, November 04, 2005

Keara's Birthday

Keara's birthday was a success. She was so excited to go to school. I sent in a cake mix and the teacher helped her to bake it. She also received an ice cream at lunch "and no one else did!" We decorated the living room with streamers and balloons....she thought she'd died and gone to heaven when she got home. Her brothers each got her a Barbie pet pack and we gave her a Princess scarf, hat and gloves. Then we told her she could pick something out at the store. She had our money and some other relatives which gave her enough to buy a FurReal Puppy. His name is Scamps and I have to go off on a tangent here....

Scamps the puppy has really brain fu-ked me! You see this little dog can speak, beg, shake, and even become stubborn. If he decided to NOT do one of the afore mentioned, he simply WON'T. So we were working really hard to get him to shake and the damn dog was not having it. When he finally did it....I went on and on "ohhhh good puppy, great job, good pup, good doggy!" Then I started petting the damn thing and I really got sucked in. I mean he felt REAL. So now the dog that I am pet sitting for, is asleep on the couch and I am incessantly warning "sssssssssshhhhhhhhhh, don't wake Scamps!" I have been suckered. BahAHHHhhahhhha

Another random thought here. Jay is jealous. What in the world for you ask? I don't have the slightest idea. He says that I might find someone better someday and he just tries like hell for that not to happen. WHAT? It's too early for this thought, so I'll come back and formulate a better dialogue here.

Nothing on my agenda today! YEAH. I might even go get dressed now...MAYBE

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