Monday, October 17, 2005


So we had Jay's parents here this weekend. Went great :) We were outside and the kids were running up and down the hill out back. Keara is screaming about a monster and her Guinney says "no, monsters only come out at night!" (don't get me started on her lack of granmotherly skills LOL) Anyway, Keara replies "no these monsters are not nocturnal!" GAWD this is normal speak for Keara too. Can she be more mature? She is such a little lady. I went over to her school tonight and she is just doing so wonderful. I did have to laugh though at the story about herself. She wrote that she has a doll named Elisha that she bought herself. WHAT? Did not know that. She also says she plays soccer every she tells us "girls DO NOT play soccer!" So again, WHAT? LOL But all and all, she is doing so great.


sillypants said...

them girls are a whole different ball o' wax than their male counterparts. But we knew that already didn't we ;)

sillypants said...

hurry up and blog more !!