Sunday, October 16, 2005


I have a disabled son. WOW. I have spent so much time trying to get him the help he needs, I never stopped to think about what all this means. Padraig is such a sweet boy. He loves so fully and plays and laughs and hugs and all the other wonderful things 3yr old boys do so wonderfully. He is a GREAT kid. He is trapped, though inside his own skin. He can't talk. He has a severe articulation disorder. He tries so hard and cannot do it. So, I finally got him into the special needs PreK. He is going 4 days a week for 3 hrs a day. He is enjoying it so far...although he has had a sobbing period everyday. He will get adjusted. They are going to teach him signing, gesturing, and picture identification. I think this will take away some of his frustration. I have to learn a new language, just hope they can teach an old dog new tricks. LOL Anyway, this is so new to me and I guess I just need some mourning time, yk? Does that make sense? I don't love him any less in fact I appreciate him so much more for all that he has been through and will go through in the future. I just LOVE my DRIG beyond words. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PADRAIG, LOVE YOU SWEET BOY!

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sillypants said...

Yes, it makes perfect sense ! I mean the mourning/acceptance piece. I think all parents have some sort of realization where they realize their kids aren't running with the rest of the pack, because in reality, there is no "normal" they are all just little budding individuals and they all need something different. Thank goodness you are your children's mommy and you know best.

But you know what they say....children pick their parents :)

all my west coast loving hugs...