Saturday, October 22, 2005

Suburban Bliss

Today was such a nice relaxing day. That is amazing to say. We still got out of bed at 7 but it wasn't the rush and the tears over socks and breakfast. We leisurely ate and watched a little tv. Then the kids played in bliss in their playroom. AHHH they were so happy to be with their beloved dinosaurs and they didn't even make a mess. Drig spent the morning on the computer. He is infatuated with the Paint program. He makes the most gorgeous, bizarre pictures. He is better with the program than I. I made 6 dozen peanut butter cookies, half with a dollop of chocolate in the middle. YUM Then I made Jay a sirloin roast, garlic/butter pasta, and corn. We drove it over to the course and he was in heaven too. When we finished lunch we went outside and played in the leaves, trying really hard to fill those big pumpkin bags...Kai is the only one that actually accomplished this. Drig stayed focused on the sand table for the most part and ended up with sand from head to toe. Keara was busy telling everyone "pretend to do such and such" as she does incessantly throughout the day. Kai asked me "do I have to play the way she says I do?" I said "no honey just ignore her that's what mama does!" Of course I should be careful about what I say because apparently the little shit repeats it to my dad of all people. He told my dad that he "was just pissy because he was hungry!" We all know what my dad did. LOL Then let's see Jay came home from work and we played outside some more, dinner, bath and bed. Everything was wonderful about today until my Auburn got beat in OT and broke my heart :( Now I will go and PRAY for another day of bliss with my kids. Sad but true that I do actually have to pray for these things...

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sillypants said...

sounds like a wonderful fall day. Can I come over for dinner ??