Friday, October 21, 2005


After much work and sweat and yes some tears (not mine but I'll get to that) we have finally gotten the smell out of the carpet in the play room. You see, Jay has a preoccupation with children's movies, in this case it was Pooh's Heffalump Halloween. He was watching in earnest all the while the boys had taken an entire gallon of milk and poured it in the closet of the play room. I was at a meeting and upon my return, Kai and Drig had been relegated to the couch. I ask what is up and receive the death glare from Jay. At this point I find out what the boys had done and decide to scold their daddy first. Well approximately 2 hours later, Drig is "playing" while I vacuum the living room. I walk in to find that, YES, another gallon of milk has been emptied on the floor in the play room. So at this point we have to rent a steam cleaner. We did the entire house while we at it and that was great. But after that, the smell just lingered. Apparently the foam underneath does not clean up so well. Long story short, we had to replace the padding under the carpet, rent the steam cleaner again, spray the shit out of the carpet with some enzyme thing and today, a week later, we have finally got the play room back in order. The crying had to do with a mama that lost her wits when the second gallon dispersed over the carpet. The boys were banished from the room and have been begging to get their toys since then. Thus I will actually have two very HAPPY boys tomorrow. Kai tells me how he "misses all of his precious dinosaurs." BAHHAHA Gotta love my boys!

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sillypants said...


I am so srry you weren't through all that :( But aren't you glad you have it documented in your journal so one day you can flip back and read it to the boys and tell them THAT's why they have to get up and refill your wine glass whenever you tell them to?

big hugs,