Thursday, October 13, 2005

Bad Blogger

So I am really bad at this bloggin' thang. Yep I am an Alabamian, officially. LOL This morning we started with the screaming, yelling, hairpulling, fighting backlash that seems to just have become commonplace around here. Jay starts with a cool demeanor only to end up telling everyone and anything to f*off. Man it is really damaging my aura. Keara had a piece of skin hanging on her lip, ya know the kind of thing most people just deal with and ignore, but NO NOT Keara. She had an absolute meltdown. "I don't like purple lip stuff, you know that mommy, how could you do this to me?" Because we all know that I was sent this child so I could torture her. HARHAR. Then we have the boy from Driganese, telling us "ne ha a doop. epp!" Now if you are familiar with Driganese, then of course you know this means "Me have a poop. Help!" Of course Jay has yet to take the advanced course of Driganese and is screaming "I DON'T F*ING UNDERSTAND!" So in steps the translator, after trying to convince Keara that socks do not have hair, to aid Jay in his desperate state. Drig has now come home from school and has an owie. Normal children enjoy the Clifford bandaid as a remedy. Drig just holds the finger in the air...."ottttttttttttttttt, otttttttt!" (That's OFF for those who can't read DRig) So we have taken the damn thing off and now he is waving that pitiful finger in the air (which BTW is just a little paper cut) YELLING "HUTTTTT, HUTTTT! (hurt, hurt)" So I guess I CAN'T WIN. And every time I sit here to write my freaking kids NEED me, how dare they!! So I will be back ....

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