Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Kid Update

Padraig started his *special* preK yesterday. He was such a big boy. He got his own backpack and did not want to leave. Today was a different day. He was sobbing when I got there to pick him up. His face was covered with red/purple blotches and he was shaking from the tears. It BROKE MY HEART. This is the time that parenting is so HARD. I had to convince myself not to cry. I *know* he was ok there, it is just hard to see him so upset. He will return again tomorrow and with any luck, he won't be upset upon my arrival to pick him up. Kai was upset too today. His brother was not here to keep him company. There was an incident with a HUGE spider and Kai did not know what to do. He said "I wish Padraig was here." When I asked him why, he replied "because he is so very brave!" How sweet is that? Gotta get those moments and have them last because the rest of the day we will be batting heads. LOL I had Keara's conference yesterday. She is doing so well in school. They already have her in a special program to keep her challenged, and now they said they will be adding another day. She will also be starting with 2nd grade work in a couple of weeks. Very encouraging, she won't get bored!

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