Saturday, October 29, 2005

Keara and Kai Moments

Keara had a field trip yesterday to the pumpkin patch. Normally one of us would go but with Drig in school (and we didn't know he would be out sick all week) I didn't want to do a sitter and Jay is having a big tourney that they were preparing for. Anyway, as she is getting ready, I was giving her instructions, yk? "listen to the teacher and all the moms, keep up with the group, wash your hands with the sanitizing gel I put in your bag, sit in the middle on the bus...etc" Anyway, she went off rolling her eyes and then on the way to school told Jay to come home and tell me "Mom, I will be just fine today. I can handle everything! Don't worry!" WAHHHHH, where did my baby go.

When she came home from school, she tells me "mom, this picture on the wall is horizontal and this picture is vertical." She is such a sponge of information. I swear you tell this child something one time and she has it locked away for eternity. She also explained the differences in certain mediums of art. Apparently they used some oil pastels today. "You know kinda like crayon texture mom" is how she explained it to her nim-wit mom.

Kai Goings On

He is in the bedroom with the tv volume up super loud and I hear chanting. So, I look to see what he is watching....More Reflections with Father Leo Clifford. It is some Catholic service done old style (not Latin but everything in the singsong type voice kwim?) Well my boy is a bit odd!

He was sitting with Keara and she wasn't giving him the time of day. He says to her "you are so cute and pretty." This remark obviously didn't prevail upon Keara so Kai turns to her and says, "Keara you are hideous!"
(side note...I don't use this word often, I know he gets most of his fowl language from me, but I swear not THIS)

We were in the Dr's office today. It's the same one we saw on Mon. So Kai says to the Dr. "I broke my dick!" OMG the look on the Dr's face was priceless. He turned, speechless to me and open mouth, slack jaw says "Errr, ummm I don't know what to say to THAT!" Of course me being the quick thinking, always on her toes mom I respond "we haven't mastered the 's' sound yet....he meant his Stick." (the Dr. gave him a tongue depressor on Mon.) But man I so wished I had a camera for that look. It was sooooo worthy of some kind of award.

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