Sunday, October 30, 2005


I'm back. I am sitting here watching my race. I just love Sundays. And for all of you that believe Nascar is about being a redneck....and I once did is so not about being a redneck to me. I LOVE Tony Stewart. He is the sexiest man alive...shhh don't tell Jay (actually Jay knows I feel this way and is QUITE jealous) Tony is leading the Chase and I have a heart attack every race I watch. The kids are involved in this too. Too bad their guy Jr. isn't in the Chase (insert that wicked little giggle here) Jay is a Jr. fan too (again, so sorry your guy sux!) I started watching Tony in his rookie year and I have been hooked since. Of course for my West Coast friends this is like the signature on the dotted line...I am a redneck to them. GAWD my head is so warped from the lack of uninterrupted sleep I've been getting, I have NO idea where I was headed. That too should not be a surprise to anyone that knows me well. Since having these beasts (oh my word, did I just say that?) I have not a clear thought and therefore sentence leave these lips. I spend the majority of my days saying phrases as "Stop it! That is not a good choice sir! Would you like that to happen to you?" You get the picture. Oh did I say that TONY IS SEXY! Just thought you should know how I feel. (Again I NEED smilies)

Every single time I sit at this damn desk, the kids come to me and NEED something. Can't they see I have a life and I AM TYPING DAMNIT! Obviously not, because as I type this Keara has decided to come read over my shoulder. Isn't that wonderful? See and after all that, I am still just fixated on Tony. I will tell you, he is just so yummy and I truly could eat him up!
(so don't let your kids read this...and yes Keara is gone now)

Speaking of eating, what is up with my frickin' body? I swear I can eat good, bad or indifferent or I can not eat at all and I don't change in size. WTF? Oh well, gotta love them beasts anyway. See the general theme, my kids er beasts as they are today, have dictated EVERY damn thing about me. Again WTF? Now that I have totally baffled even myself, I guess I need to come back later. (And ya know baffle Biffle see it goes back to Tony....)

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