Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Her Mother

I so cannot stand the snotty little brat in K's class. UGH I *know* that she is this way because of her mother but double UGH. Today is a new low. We have already been through the bullying the class into making her the class president over K. That one wasn't really a big issue for me though because I was against the whole 1st grade president shit anyway. So NEINERNEINER. But today she told K not to collect money for the March of Dimes because they killed babies. WTF? So says her MOTHER (er Mother Fucker) I am sooooo sorry but hey lady GET YOUR GODDAMN FACTS STRAIGHT AND DON'T ALLOW YOUR DAUGHTER TO FILL MINE WITH BULLSHIT! It is so irritating that my daughter comes home to declare "Momma, why are we helping people kill babies?" And if that wasn't enough, I have a personal connection with the March of Dimes. My grandmother had polio and was a proud volunteer with them. BECAUSE YOU KNOW STUPID BITCH IF IT WASN'T FOR THIS WONDERFUL ORGANIZATION, MANY AND I MEAN MILLIONS OF OUR CHILDREN WOULD HAVE DIED OR BEEN HANDICAPPED IN SOME FORM FROM POLIO. AND THAT IS JUST HOW THE ORGANIZATION STARTED DOING GOOD....THERE IS SO MUCH MORE TODAY BECAUSE OF THEM!

Ok I feel better but I am still gonna rage a freaking HUGE fit over K spending any alone time with this nutty snot! Mothers!

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