Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Birthday to Me

Well I made it to the age of 34. The funny thing is I am soooo soooo happy about it. You see since I was at least 8 I always had this guttural feeling that somehow I would not be around after 33. Weird, I know but I never claimed to be normal. (Well maybe that one time but shhh don't tell) You know in years past I just really have disliked my birthday. Probably due to the fact that in my mom's tradition, birthdays are supposed to be HUGE. She tries to make you feel super special and like a princess. As a kid this was great but as I grew older, I found that I wanted that and then was disappointed when everyone else was too busy to deliver. So I just started kinda ignoring the day...less disappointment that way. Well this year I was kinda doing the anticipation thing again. And it was a mistake. I got a phone call from 2 of my 4 siblings and my mom/dad. Plus my ex (yes I still talk to him) called me from his workplace. My dear husband couldn't be bothered all day to call me so I did rub the fact that my ex called (long distance) from work. Keara was the sweetest. She has been drawing all sorts of pictures at school and she gave me an envelop full. She even made confetti. I LOVE pure kid gifts, made on their own and with all that sweet love. I did get the book I wanted...woohoo. That was it. Well from my mommy and daddy gave me two shirts, a pasta canister (very pretty) and the most beautiful framed poem by Mother Theresa (really who I did Mimi) and I know they are getting me a printer as well. Last year Jay's parents completely missed my day all together, this year they wished me happy a day late but at least they said something. Anyway, I was in a shitty mood all day and I just could not get awake. SO Happy Birthday to ME!

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