Sunday, May 28, 2006

Happy Birthday Mom

Today is my mommy's birthday. She is 56. She is having the BEST day ever this year since she and my dad are in Italy for a freaking MONTH. Today she got to witness my dad's lifelong dream come true...they went to the Grand Prix in Monaco. How cool is that? And, they are staying in a PRIME hotel, had FIRST CLASS seats at the race and MAN they are in freaking Monaco. They are going to visit my grandfather's birthplace, Milan, Florence, Sienna, Driving tour of Tuscany and Umbria areas to include the Chianti Trail, Cortona and Assisi, Day trip to Florence, and Tour to Pompeii and Vesuvious. They are going to have the best time. I am so jealous about the Chianti section of this trip! That sounds so heavenly. I cannot wait for all the wonderful stories and pictures! Happy Birthday Mom!

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