Sunday, May 18, 2008


This is a picture for later reading....

So here's the lowdown from last week. Let's see, Keara got in trouble for her shorts being too tight for school...WTF they were bike shorts but she is in 3rd grade! Whatever. Then she got in trouble for doodling in her journal, WTF again! Isn't a journal a place of self expression?? Whatever again! Next, she comes home to tell us that she has a project that is overdue. I never, not one freaking time heard of this project. It was assigned in March! DUH, don't ya think they could have sent us a note?? Freaking whatever! Then she had her chorus program and I didn't sing, so I was getting some really nasty looks and she was literally growling at me from the risers. I so adore being such a bad mom! And no not whatever.

The best is yet to come....Keara told the boys to rub poison ivy all over their bodies. Well Kai was smarter than that and didn't do it. Drig wasn't and he rubbed it on his belly. Speed forward to later that night when he is bathing and I notice a faint black spot on his belly along with various other weird spots. Nothing resembling poison ivy I might add. The next day, the spot is DARK black and looks like a mole. Of course I freaked out a little and took him to the Dr. She had no idea either. She took a picture and had another Dr. look, gave us some steroids and said to call her on Mon. So, over the weekend I hunted down various articles, apparently it's rare but you can get what is called black spot poison ivy. His now looks like poison ivy would as the black spots have either fallen off or been scratched off. It just freaking figures that he has to go and get something rare...imagine that!! And the ring spots what so ever for her! Whatever!!!


erpeer said...

Is Keara's teached mad at her or even you for something? That just doesn't even sound right. I would be doing some bitchin' if I were you. So sorry Jenni.

And OMG about about the poison ivy. Sounds like something I would have tried with my brother when I was little...

Hang in there mama! ((HUGS))

Laura said...

OMG the poison ivy thing! WHOA! I'm glad its resembling a more normal outbreak now...that would have been dang disturbing!

The bike shorts issue would have made me MAD. No kid in third grade even pays one bit of attention to tightness or looseness of shorts. How crappy to encourage anything *sinister* out of something so *not* - Grrrr.

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