Saturday, April 19, 2008

Where to begin?

Ok so I have been MIA. We have gone through some really hard times with Keara. Well I say that and really it was only 2 times so actually she is doing good overall. It is just that the 2x were WAY out there. So we have a new med that we use in those times and it helps.

Let's see.... the break down of my last couple of weeks. I have painted the entire house (minus the kitchen, but that will be coming), we even did the ceilings this time....WOW they POP!! I had my mom here for a visit, that was a whirlwind. We had so much to do, we really did not stop while she was here. I had a birthday shhhh. We had a teacher appreciation breakfast that I organized. It went ok, not as great as I had hoped but oh well. (the teachers went out and cleaned the stuff up before I could get back, I felt really bad). We had Keara's IEP meeting and that was the best it has ever gone....I LOVE her teacher, the new principal and speech teacher. They are awesome. Keara has her Horse Show today. She said "mama, I might even jump, might mama. Just might!" (it's just a step up thing LOL) Oh did I tell ya that I might just be allergic to hay. Like truly allergic. I always feel awful after we leave and my throat starts to swell. I have been taking Benadryl after but that sux. I need to go to the dr. but I haven't had the time and now her session is ending. If she does it again, I will go. And we got her into the Autism Clinic again, so stoked about it!

More later, gotta go to the farm....

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