Sunday, January 01, 2006

No Resolutions 4 Me

I was going to come here and declare my resolutions, thus having them held to accountability...well shit NO. I started to say I was bound and determined in this the year of 2006, to lose all my extra pounds, manage my money better and be a terrific mother, wife, friend, daughter, person....but that is just plain shit! I have no intention of upholding any of those things so why lie and say I do. First, I already have an excuse about exercise and diet, I injured my knee last evening, I CAN'T exercise (hell I don't even get to enjoy my favorite position with Jay ;), why the hell would I exercise when I can't do that?)...dieting is pointless without the exercise, right? My money isn't gonna get magically bigger in my wallet, so why would I be better managing it? I mean come on, it's still gonna be nonexistent. As for being a better person, IF YOU DON'T LIKE ME, THEN DON'T TALK TO ME! I am not changing, besides the whole thing about being an old dog, I just have no desire. So there ya have resolutions from me!

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