Sunday, June 29, 2008

Cannot see

I will return when I can fully see what I am typing. I had a procedure (er the whole top of my eye was cut off) done and I cannot see well right now. This took far too long to type LOL. See ya soon, pun intended!


Cheri H said...

Ouch hope your feeling better soon!

Kickassninja said...

What happened?
How are you doing?
i think about you and your kids all the time.
when you are all mended up- feel free to email me or call.
Give me a shout out on the boards!


Anonymous said...

AH! Hope you're doing ok!!! <3 Ash

Jihane said...

Hi Jenni
I think of you often, and hope you're doing well. Take care of yourself.

erpeer said...

Waiting to hear how you are doing...(((HUGS)))