Saturday, March 10, 2007

We have the official diagnoses....

We knew this to be true a long time ago but have been waiting for the official word....Keara is autistic, specifically Aspergers. Like I said, I knew when I dove head first about a year ago into the research but getting the official word is going to get us the help we need, finally. The school people went in with a different agenda, which we expected. The evaluator said it would be interesting to meet Keara after hearing two opposite versions of the girl. There was some similarities, probably with the OCD and Anxiety...after all the school was so kind to point this out to us LOL. I mean HELLO, DUH! Pretty obvious that those two disorders are there. She also has a host of other comorbid disorders like Dysgraphia, sensory issues, and possibly ADHD. But the evaluator gave us a clearer picture. She explained that the Aspergers is like a big box and the other disorders are all inside the box. If we can treat the whole box, some of the issues inside will also benefit and minimized. This is not to say she won't have to have meds and other therapies as well but it will help tons. She is now qualified for the IEP. That alone will give us the leverage and opportunity we need. Right away she should receive OT and Speech/Language therapies. We should have been getting those already but the school still felt that it was us, the incompetent parents fault and had her on a behavior plan. I will digress because I DO know what it is like to deal with Keara on a daily basis and it is not easy. The school has made some good choices for her and have tried. They just didn't have the whole picture. So now we can start fresh.

I can tell you that I have cried myself to sleep over Keara but it doesn't do anyone any good. I have mourned the loss of what could be. I hope that I am moving in a clearer direction, one toward making the best Keara possible. I think we can do it now!

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Misty said...

HUGS.. Hopefully this is the begining of better understanding both for and of Keara.