Saturday, December 24, 2005

Eye Dr. Visit

Yesterday was complete and utter hell with the kids. My kids, you see, are just not the happy-go-lucky, easy going children that some (feels like most) other people have. Keara and Kai needed to go to the eye Dr. Keara just needed to have her yearly exam, should be NO big deal and Kai is still having the eye issues. Keara went in first with her daddy. He came back to the car, got Kai and started him going about 15 minutes later. After another 15 minutes he comes running out to the car screaming "You need to go in there, Keara is being a baby and WILL NOT do the eyedrops." OK! I go in and do my most soothing voice and say "Keara we really need to do this, let's just be quick and get it done." Does that work? NO. I drag her butt back to the car and go back in to get Kai to do the drops. He did the drops but could only manage to open one eye for the dr. So, they have to return next week and do it all over again. And I am out $110 for this wasted visit. Keara and Kai are grounded! They are both going to be doing 11hrs of chores to pay me back. I guess there goes Keara's vacation. OH WELL! My mom suggested we take Santa the plan is going to be that the kids will come out and there will not be Santa presents out. They will have to sit with that for a couple of hours until we can see they have learned the importance of behaving, then we will phone Santa. At this point Santa will tell us that he did in fact leave some presents in the laundry room, but wants them to understand that this will be the last time he can do that. (this is the plan but Jay often caves with pressure and I am not sure he can stand it) We also made them clean out the play room and we took 4 garbage bags of toys to the Mission Donation. It's funny because Keara is such a sweet thoughtful kid except when she feels threatened (the dr., dentist or even the hair salon will send her over the edge). Keara was so excited to donate for kids that didn't have anything, she even wanted to give her favorite doll. So stay tuned to see if my kids "get" the message. LOL That is truly funny.

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